Causes of Bad Breath

The odor is caused by waste from bacteria in the mouth, the breakdown(decay) of food particles, and poor oral hygiene. The decay and debris produce a sulfur compound responsible for the unpleasant odor.

To eliminate bad breath, you need to stop it at the source.

Infected Gums

This can be one of the most obvious causes of bad breath. To get gums back into shape, brush thoroughly with a soft-bristle brush, and get into the habit of flossing at least once a day.

Dirty Teeth

Teeth can certainly collect their fair share of odor-producing debris. The best remedy for keeping oral bacteria to a minimum to brush twice a day.

A Foul Tongue

Once you’ve given your teeth and gums a thorough cleaning, don’t forget about your tongue. Removing bacteria from the back of your tongue can go a long way in fighting bad breath. Brush very gently, with a soft-bristle brush and keep away from the very back of your tongue as this may cause a gagging reaction.

These are just a few causes of bad breath, regular checkups and consultations about any bad breath concerns should be discussed with your dentist.

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