Our Adult Medicine clinic provides services to patients over the age of 18.

Family Health Centers of Baltimore designs its health care services to meet the needs of the people we serve.  Every year we review community health needs and adjust service offerings so that our community can achieve and maintain good health.

Prevent avoidable hospital visits.  In Baltimore City, hospital emergency department use for non-emergent care has increased, and many uninsured people use the ER as their primary care provider.  This is expensive and not a place where to get a personal provider who knows you.  Let us be your primary care provider.  Select the provider of your choice, who will get to know you and your conditions, and help you to get well and stay well. We serve diabetics, Asthma and COPD patients, dialysis patients, individuals with high blood pressure, HIV, as well as the common cold. We provide preventive services such flu shots, Pap Smears, cancer screenings, annual physical exams, pre-Op exams and specialty referrals.  PLUS we integrate physical health and behavioral health.  If you need mental health services or substance abuse services, we are here to serve you at these convenient locations:

Hours of Operations

  • Cherry Hill Office
    • Sunday: Closed
    • Monday:  8:30AM – 7:00PM
    • Tuesday:  8:30AM – 5:00PM
    • Wednesday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
    • Thursday: 8:30AM – 7:00PM
    • Friday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
    • 1st & 3rd Saturday: Closed
    • 2nd & 4th Saturday: 8:30AM – 1:00PM
  • Brooklyn
    • Monday – Friday:  8:30AM – 5:00PM
    • 1st & 3rd Saturday: Closed
    • 2nd & 4th Saturday: 8:30AM – 1:00PM

Want to Learn More About Our Fees?

Head over to our online tool that will allow you to determine how much each service at Family Health Centers of Baltimore will cost you out of pocket. All we need to know is the number of individuals in your household, and your income level.

None of the information you provide to FHCB is saved or sent anywhere, and you are given the amounts you will be responsible for immediately, right in your browser!

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