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FHCB Health System serves a large multi-cultural pediatric population of children from birth to 21 years of age.

Our pediatric staff is passionate about making sure all children have up to date vaccinations.  We often partner with neighborhood schools to handle those last-minute vaccine requirements.  We refer our pediatric patients to our dental service so that they learn the importance of regular dental visits, good oral hygiene, and good nutrition.

Prevention is the best medicine.  Pediatric patients are seen regularly according to a periodicity schedule designed to make sure they stay compliant immunizations requirements for school.  Well child appointments are part of that schedule.

FHCB Health System has an open door policy for sick and urgent pediatric visits.  You can call for a same day appointment and be seen.  If your child is contagious, they will be placed in an isolation exam room for the visit.  This protects your child and others.  Our department is equipped with competent staff members and state of the art equipment to provide the best care for your children.

Don’t Schedule Appointments Too Early!

If your child is due for a well-child visit, immunization, or test at a certain age, make the appointment for a date AFTER your child reaches that age. For example, MMR and varicella vaccines cannot be given before your child’s first birthday, so make the well-care appointment for soon after your child turns one.

If you have a record of your child’s immunizations, please bring it with you to your child’s appointment. That way we can make sure we have the most up-to-date information.

Do you know which vaccines are recommended for your child? Take this 60-second quiz from the CDC to find out.

Even if your child isn’t due for vaccines, be sure to bring him or her in for a well-child visit. These visits give your child’s doctor a chance to find and treat any concerns early. It’s also a good time for you to ask any questions you have about your child’s health.

FHCB Health System provides pediatric medicine at these convenient locations:

Hours of Operations

  • Cherry Hill Office
    • Monday through Friday – 8:30am – 5:00pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • Brooklyn
    • Monday – Friday:  8:30AM – 5:00PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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