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Creates a motivating environment and promotes staff loyalty to FHCB and its mission. Exhibits and promotes a standard of excellence in the performance of all duties and interactions with patients, co-workers, and outside contacts.

Exhibits and promotes a high standard of excellence in the performance of all duties and interactions with patients, co-workers, and outside contacts. Reports to staff dentist, responsible for providing chair side assistance to dentist or dental hygienist for the target population in the Family Health Centers catchment area.


  1. Prepares treatment rooms for delivery of dental health care in the appropriate manner as specified OSHA and the CDC.
  2. Delivers composite materials for condensation, applies topical anesthesia, desensitizing agents, and fluoride.
  3. Places and removes cotton rolls, matrix bands, retraction cord, and rubber dam.
  4. Removes excess cement, temporary crowns, sutures, perio dressing, and wedges.
  5. Provides oral hygiene and post-operative instructions, vitality tests.
  6. Dries root canals.
  7. Prepares and fits stainless steel crowns.
  8. Etches teeth.
  9. Fabricates custom fluoride trays, athletic mouth guards.
  10. Checks for loose bands.
  11. Takes impressions for diagnostic and opposing arch models.
  12. Retracts oral tissues, subsequent placement of perio dressings.
  13. Removes any perio dressing.
  14. Photography.
  15. Provides rinsing and aspiration.
  16. Exposes intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays.


  1. Ability to function independently.
  2. Must be culturally sensitive and non-judgmental. Sensitivity to patients, tactful and polite communication.
  3. Must exhibit sensitivity to the unique needs of general and special populations.
  4. Must have the ability to organize and set priorities.
  5. Must be detail oriented.
  6. Must have strong interpersonal skills.
  7. Must have the ability to work in a demanding and challenging environment.
  8. Must be self-motivated.
  9. Must continually demonstrate the safety procedures for the clinic and utilize universal precautions where appropriate.
  10. Must display an image of personal and professional competence, including knowledge and adherence to the philosophy of Continuous Quality Improvement.
  11. Follow departmental and organization plans, goals and objectives.
  12. Able to analyze situations in order to bring to favorable resolution.
  13. Must exemplify good attendance, be punctual, neat and clean.


  1. A.A. Degree preferred
  2. Dental Assistant Certificate required.
  3. Dental Radiology Certificate required.
  4. Sitting approximately 1-2 hour(s) per 8-hour shift for duration of 5-20 minutes at a time.
  5. Walking approximately 1-2 hours per 8-hour shift for a distance of up to 10-75 feet at a time on carpet/tile surface.
  6. Reaching overhead to a height of approximately 10 feet 1-25 times per hour.
  7. Bending up to 15-25 times per hour when drawing lab.
  8. Work pace is steady.
  9. Vision is necessary.
  10. Sensory discrimination, hearing and fine motor coordination are necessary.


Work is performed in a clinic environment. Involves frequent contact with staff and the public. Work may be stressful at times. Contact may involve dealing with angry or upset people.

Environmental exposure may include changing temperatures, odors and confined work area. The individual performing this job may reasonably anticipate coming into contact with patients with communicable diseases or potentially infectious materials.  Individuals in this position are required to exercise universal precautions, use personal protective equipment and devices, and learn the policies concerning infection control.  Employee will be expected to participate in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis screening annually.


Varied activities including standing, walking, reaching, bending, lifting.  Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.  Requires standing and walking for extensive periods of time.  Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range.  Requires working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours.

This job description provides a summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by individuals in this position.  Incumbents may be asked to perform other tasks not specifically written in this job description.  These additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as deemed necessary by CEO Superiors. 

Employment at FHCB is “at will” and, as such, either the employee or the employer may terminate the employment relationship, with or without cause.

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