FHCB Health System is part of the Community Care Network

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is committed to providing eligible Veterans with the care they need when and where they need it. Many programs exist today for Veterans to receive such care; however, the multiple programs and eligibility requirements are confusing for Veterans, community providers, and VA staff.

In an effort to streamline VA’s community care programs, the president signed the John S. McCain III, Daniel K. Akaka, and Samuel R. Johnson VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks (MISSION) Act of 2018, referred to as the “MISSION Act,” into legislation on June 6, 2018, providing more choices and robust care coordination for Veterans using one consolidated program instead of multiple programs. A significant component of having one method for Veterans to receive care from community providers, although not dependent on the legislation, are the Community Care Network (CCN) contracts to be awarded to as many as four contractors covering an established set of regional boundaries to ensure health care services and resources are available to our diverse Veteran population.