The Johns Hopkins Primary Care Policy Center (PCPC) engages in research, training, analysis and education concerning the organization, financing, and mode of delivery for health care, particularly to undeserved and vulnerable populations. Professor Leiyu Shi, director of the center, visited FHCB with a group of twenty-five Chinese public health officials and practitioners.  Our visitors represented a variety of health care backgrounds, including community health centers, public health departments, public hospitals and government health officials. According to Professor Shi and his visitors, diabetes and hypertension are major chronic health concerns in China.  The delegation was particularly interested in discussing effective ways of working with patients and families to contain and control these conditions.  The feasibility of training lay people to assist with containment strategies was also of interests. The Hopkins PCPC noted that the Family Health Center of Baltimore brings significant levels of expertise in providing quality, patient-centered, and integrated health care services to the communities.

The visit aimed to share firsthand insight to health center operations and management  at FHCB.    Participants gained an understanding of the organization, management and delivery of health services at community health centers, with emphasis on training of the primary care provider, such as the standardized residency training program, professions training and continuing education programs.

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