When to Visit Your Primary Care at FHCB Health System

Your Primary Care Doctor is your partner in good health and your main point of contact for your health care needs. Your doctor gives you routine care and will treat you when you have a problem that is not an emergency. You should see your doctor once per year, and as needed to help you with ongoing health problems. Your doctor can usually see you during the day Monday through Friday.

Routine Wellness Visits

Preventative Care

Immunizations or Shots

Diabetes (Sugar)


Pink Eye


Asthma or COPD Management

Tooth Pain

Sore Throat

Abdominal Pain

Back Pain

Insect/Animal Bite

Sprains & Strains

Pap Smear

Urinary Tract Infection

High Blood Pressure

1st & 2nd Degree Burns


When to Go To The Emergency Room

You should use the emergency room for any life or death emergency. You should follow up with your Primary Care Doctor after any visit to the emergency room.

Severe Abdominal or Chest Pain

Severe Allergic Reactions

Babies Needing Immediate Care

Serious Eye or Head Injuries

3rd Degree Burns

Breathing Problems

Stroke Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms

Altered Mental State

High Fever

Suspected Drug Overdose or Poisoning