Our Brooklyn Pharmacy is open for business and takes most major insurance.

  • The Brooklyn Pharmacy offers significant discounts to uninsured patients.
  • General Pharmacy Facts (sourced from: https://pharmacist.com/APhM)

Did you know your pharmacist can explain a medication label, tell you about interactions with other drugs or foods, package your tablets, and be a bridge between you and your prescriber? Pharmacists are easy to reach and ready to help.

You can control your asthma or manage your COPD with help from your pharmacist, including instruction on how to use your inhaler properly to maximize your benefit.

Pharmacists are trained in both prescription and OTC medications. They can tell you about potential interactions with foods, other drugs, or dietary supplements. They can also help you pick the perfect product.

Did you know that FDA does not regulate supplements as it does with prescription and OTC medications? Pharmacists can tell you whether a supplement is from a reputable manufacturer that follows quality standards. They can also tell you how supplements, medications, and foods may interact.

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