It’s been 60 days since our last shooting.

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What We Do:

We mediate conflicts.

We partner with other community groups, organizations, and residents to promote non-violence.

We link to GED and job-training programs, professional counseling, housing, and health and family services.

Who We Help:

Homicide is one of the greatest risk factors for teenagers and young adults, ages 14-25.

How well are we doing?

In 2017, Safe Streets Baltimore conducted over 280 conflict mediations (interruptions) that likely would have resulted in gunshot violence.

Community Engagement:

Community events sponsored by Safe Streets attempt to send strong and consistent messages that violence is not acceptable to influence social norms.

How To Help:

Do you want to help prevent violence on the streets of Cherry Hill? Donate to Safe Streets Cherry Hill, volunteer with us, or give to us in-kind from the list below. If you are interested in other opportunities to give back not mentioned here, please contact us.

Please make all monetary donations payable to Family Health Centers of Baltimore c/o Safe Streets/Donation

In-Kind Donations

Gift Cards

Food for Events


Event Tickets

Water Bottles

Meet the Team

Elgin Maith
Site Director

Damaal Ward Sr.
Site Supervisor

Troy Bradley
Violence Prevention Coordinator

Reginald Forbes
Violence Interrupter

Kenyell Wilson
Violence Interrupter

Keith Brown
Hospital Responder

Kin Brown-Lane
Violence Interrupter

Gerald Hinton
Violence Interrupter

James Schedrick
Hospital Responder

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