Baltimore, Maryland (December 13, 2019) –Safe Streets Cherry Hill has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Yesterday, Thursday, December 12th , 2019 Safe Streets Cherry Hill, Family Health Centers of Baltimore, State Senator Bill Ferguson, 10th District City Council Representative Ed Reisinger, Senator and Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Mary Washington, the Cherry Hill community and others all came together to celebrate Cherry Hill reaching 365 days with no homicides. There was food, fun, and entertainment but most of all the room was filled with supporters of Safe Streets Cherry Hill and community members that were proud and expressed nothing but love for their beloved neighborhood Cherry Hill. Safe Streets Cherry Hill is a respected part of the Cherry Hill community and the support for them in reaching such a milestone did not go unrecognized.

Modeled after Chicago’s Cure Violence Program, Safe Streets is not only in Cherry Hill but other areas throughout the City of Baltimore including Sandtown-Winchester, McElderry Park, and Park Heights neighborhoods. Safe Streets goal is simple, prevent violence that leads to homicide. Especially for those youth between the ages of 14 – 25. Safe Streets role in the community is greater than mediating and interrupting violence. They also partner with community groups, community organizations, and community members to promote non-violence and link to GED and job training programs, housing, family, health and professional counseling.

Nearing a decade of Safe Streets Cherry Hill being housed at Family Health Centers of Baltimore, CEO Brian Hawkins says “Safe Streets Cherry Hill is an integral part of a greater plan to provide the Cherry Hill community with housing, jobs, and quality healthcare. Family Health Centers of Baltimore’s partnership with Safe Streets Cherry Hill is a necessary component of our community advocacy efforts and trust from our community. Events like tonight celebrating Cherry Hill going one year without any homicides proves why communities partnering with organizations like Safe Streets Cherry Hill is so important.” For more information about the Safe Streets Program visit and to contact Safe Streets Cherry Hill please visit

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